Thursday, November 26, 2009

Greek ship Ariana's owners deny pirate release

Greek ship Ariana's owners deny pirate release: "MOGADISHU (Reuters) - The owners of a Greek ship hijacked more than six months ago off the coast of Somalia denied Thursday it had been released by Somali pirates.


RTEbusiness: Jacob Fruitfield Foods has sent solicitors' letters to a number of retailers.

RTEbusiness: Jacob Fruitfield Foods has sent solicitors' letters to a number of retailers. "RTEbusiness: Jacob Fruitfield Foods has sent solicitors' letters to a number of retailers."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have reached the summit of the 23 Things Mountain

Well I finally made it to Thing 23 Summarise your thoughts about this learning programme. Its been a really enjoyable experience but I did feel a little pressurised after falling behind by a week or two and became more determined to complete the programme before the deadline expired. I also liked the flexibility of the course in that if you thought something was not that interesting, you could blog about it quickly and move on.

I particularly enjoyed the whole blogging aspect of the programme and at times this site must have resembled the rantings of a lunatic standing on an electronic soapbox.I will definetely try and incorporate or use some of the Things I learned in my work particularly the Web 2.0 office applications. I will go back and explore Flickr and play with image generators in more detail since at the time my digital camera was broken.

In terms of Social Networking sites my Facebook page has just mushroomed, since my brother uploaded a picture of me and all my relatives and old neighbours registered on it began contacting me to become friends. You could say that my facebook page has been hijacked by all these people and they keep providing the content, by posting comments and uploading videos. I must admit that i have a fondness for occassionally logging onto Twitter since I'm curious about what people I know are doing. Its never really that interesting and I have two people following me.

So there you have it the last entry for the 23 Things programme, I hope you have enjoyed and possibly been entertained by some of these posts.

Au Revoir

Jacque Rocard

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bamboozled by all the photos on Google maps for San Francisco

I came across google maps before since my cousin lives in San Francisco and has a scooter shop over near Berkley called rock ridge two wheels, and there were directions on his website using this technology.

So I thought it might be interesting to see how Google maps would show the path I should take using public transport from Fulton Street near Golden Gate park in the city to rockridge which is located across the Bay near Berkeley.

Whats really interesting is to see all the different photos that I encounter along the route. Google maps even works out the cost of using public transport and compares the difference in price to driving. I suppose you could say that Google maps is like a modern day passepartout.

Dude Zoho writer Rocks boo hoo for Microsoft Office

Oh no I must have turned into one of those Silicon valley nerds using such a statement to describe Zoho writer. A reason for this could be watching all those online videos about new technology and seeing the presenters become ecstatic about their unrealised potential.

I really like Zoho writer and all its capable of doing and will ultimately supersede Microsoft office. The whole idea of not having to store documents or presentations on a USB stick is just brilliant. I really like the idea that finished documents can easily be published to your blog. It seems a lot easier to prepare a more professional type presentation on Zoho show rather than powerpoint.

Of course there will always be people who will not want to leave the comfort zone of Microsoft office since it took them so long to the master the applications. I suppose thats progress you just feel comfortable with one new technology and other comes along and makes it redundant. Surely Zoho writer will make wiki applications redundant like PBWorks.

I intend stepping out of my Microsoft office comfort zone and utilising all the Zoho writer applications in my work wherever possible.

Zoho writer document posted to my blog

23 Things Introduction:

The 23 Things is a  twelve week learning programme  which was by pioneered in 2006 Helen Blowers of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in the USA.
 The whole ethos of the programme was to encourage staff to learn and explore web 2.0 technology tools which could enhance both their working and social lives. The programme has been so successful that it has been adopted and modified by several libraries and organisations around the world. The whole idea behind the course is to develop a culture of  life long learning among staff by encourageing them to  embrace the opportunities new technology offers rather than be intimidated by it.